The Chicken Coop

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New Zealand Red, Florida Whites, Californian,

AND Are Delicious Pasture Fed Chicken EGGS!

And now we are pleased to offer our Rabbits best bi-product.
BUNNY BERRY TEA POUCHES (all natural fertilizer)

We are a rabbitry nestled out in a quiet country setting of Northwestern Delaware County. Started out of my teenage son's dream to raise meat rabbits, it has now grown into a passion that the whole family has taken interest in.  We are pretty sure we will not be in the show ring, however we are commited to raising a solid healthy herd that will make great family pets with show qualities. We have started our pure breds with good solid stock we have acquired from around the state of Indiana. Our New Zealand Reds, and Florida Whites will all have pedigrees.

The Chicken Coop Rabbitry was founded however to raise an alternative source of meat for my family.  Check out our "taste like chicken" page to learn more about the benefits of rabbit meat
We also are raising Golden Comet and Rhode Island Red egg layers.  EGGS ARE NOW HERE!.
Florida white rabbits have compact bodies and small bones. They usually weigh between four and six pounds. Typical features include white fur, pink eyes and stiff ears.  They are also gentle in nature. They make good show animals and pets. The average lifespan of this breed is five to eight years.

Golden Comet and Rhode Island Red hens are now here and doing well.  We are consistently getting lots of eggs everyday.  Contact us if you would like to purchase our Extra Large Grade A brown eggs.
New Zealand Red, part of the medium size group. New Zealand whites are the #1 meat rabbit in the USA. Reds are prettier though and excellent pets besides their meat value!!!

We are now selling our Rabbit manure in the form of tea pouches for those of you that are concerned about what type of products are used for your gardens.  Our organic natural fertilizer is a great alternative to the commercial style fertilizers. Rabbit manure is packed with nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and many minerals, lots of micro-nutrients, plus many other beneficial trace elements such as calcium, magnesium, boron, zinc, manganese, sulfur, copper, and cobalt just to name a few.

N – P – K VALUES – Rabbit= N- 2.4 P- 1.4 K- .60, Chicken=N- 1.1 P-.80  K- .50, Sheep=N- .70 P- .30 K-.60, Horse=N- .70 P-.30 K- .60, Steer=N- .70 P-.30 K-.40, Dairy Cow=N- .25 P-.15 K-.25  As you can see by the nutrient values of farm manures and how they measure up and rabbit manure really shines! Rabbit manure also doesn’t smell as strong as other manures making it easy to use.

Bunny Berry Tea Pouches are what we call them and are packaged in burlap pouches.  Our tea bags are packaged in the form of 1 quart and 2 ounce pouches. 
Our 1 quart pouch when steeped in 1 gallon of fresh water will create a concentrate that can be diluted and used as liquid fertilizer for your flower or vegetable garden.  Our 1 quart pouches yields 16 gallons of diluted liquid fertilizer. 
The 2 ounce pouch is designed to steep in 1 gallon fresh water and then used directly on garden without diluting. The 2 ounce is only good for 1 gallon of liquid fertilizer.
The burlap pouches and the contents of manure are all biodegradable and can be thrown in your compost pile or in the trash upon completion of making the liquid fertilizer.

This is a photo of our quart size pouch steeping in a bucket of water. bunny berries need to steep for 4-7 days to properly develop the dark colored concentrate.